ALAN Welcomes the Oranjemund Town Council to the Family of Local Government in Namibia

ALAN Welcomes the Oranjemund Town Council to the Family of Local Government in Namibia

The Oranjemund Town Council has now officially been welcomed to the family of the Association for Local Authorities in Namibia (ALAN). The welcoming ceremony took place during a glitzy Gala dinner event organized by ALAN and hosted by the Mayor of Lüderitz, Hon. Suzan Ndjaleka at the Nest Hotel in Lüderitz a fortnight ago.

In support of and as part of its objective to play an advocacy role with the view of promoting and assisting its members (all 51 Local Authorities in Namibia) to address socio – economic challenges; ALAN rotates its Management Committee (MC) meetings in the various regions. As such; the 4th ALAN MC meeting ostensibly took place on 11 October 2012 in the Karas Region to explicitly carry out this noble deed of officially welcoming the Oranjemund Town Council to the ALAN family of local governance. The new political management of ALAN under the leadership of Cllr. Agnes M. Kafula as the President has been at the helm of the Association since the Association’s 55th Congress of July 2011.

All the Local Authority Councillors from both the Hardap Region (Mariental, Gibeon, Rehoboth, Stampriet, Göchas & Maltahöhe) and the Karas Region: (Oranjemund, Lüderitz, Keetmanshoop, Berseba, Karasburg, Tses, Aroab, Koss & Bethanie) joined hands in introducing the business of local governance to the “new born” Town Council at the Gala Dinner. The MC meeting took place over a period of two days; 11-12 October 2012.

The first day kicked off with an official opening ceremony. Her Worship the Mayor of Lüderitz, Hon. Suzan Ndjaleka, in her welcoming remarks reiterated the importance of ALAN and stated that she was “equally pleased to note that ALAN has continued to be the voice of Local Authorities in Namibia on fundamental challenges facing the local government fraternity”. She reminded the members of the fact that Local Authorities in Namibia are still fundamentally the product of the nineteenth century colonial philosophy despite the fact that problems they are facing today are those of the twenty first century.

One of the many challenges faced today by Local Authorities is the fact that; while the support of central government in various areas over the years is noteworthy, decisions making has been applied centrally and have not yet filtered to the local government level. As a result, this trend contributed negatively to the fast growth and development at the local government level. Thus, challenges at local level remain colossal and can be greatly attributed to lack of financial resources, human capital, scare skills and other necessary capacity to fulfil a shared vision of an effective and innovative local government system that meets the growing demands of the twenty first century.

In her official remarks; the ALAN President, Cllr. Kafula congratulated the “new kid on the block” the Oranjemund Town Council on becoming a full fletched Local Authority on 23 March 2012, with a political management on board to run the affairs of town as elected on 16 March 2012. She saluted Oranjemund town as it has now graduated from a town to a town council and assured the residents of Oranjemund that as a member of the Association it is the Council’s rights and privileges to henceforth participate and be capacitated where relevant through the ALAN MC and its relevant substructures. The president further guaranteed the members that the objective of the MC was “to listen; share and exchange ideas geared toward enhancing our member’s capacity” through full discussions throughout the whole day.